About Crypto Bronto’s

Probably the BIGGEST NFT you’ve ever seen!

I’m a social sauropod from the Jurassic period.
I’m 22m(72ft) long and weigh up to 30 tons…that’s BIG!
Crypto Bronto is a generative art collection that captures the innocence of childhood through clean lines and bright colors. 

Bronto’s are family-friendly, a tiny bit goofy, high-resolution (8k) pieces with secrets that can only be seen when you zoom in (secrets cannot be sniped by rarity snipers). 

There are 10,000 in the collection and special Bronto’s will also be auctioned in support of special projects over time.

Bronto’s will be a key to unlocking perpetual payback for their holders and special creator benefits in the WhackaDoodle.app marketplace.

Join us in building the most powerful crimefighting community on the planet through ART!
About WhackaDoodle.app and WhackaCriminal
We are tired of scammers and want to help!
The sale of Bronto’s will help us bring the WhackaDoodle.app NFT marketplace to life.
WhackaDoodle will be an NFT marketplace with managed community-driven safety ratings that aim to provide market participants with information to help them make informed decisions.
We want to stem the criminal tide as much as possible. We will also hold KYC and business registration information privately, and in accordance with privacy laws, for creators that want to achieve our Gold rating and flag their projects as safe and worth researching. Getting to “gold” is not that easy though.
A managed community-driven safety rating system will include community feedback about projects too, so our gold standard will be a strong indicator that an NFT collection or project is not a rug or scam and has had potentially thousands of eyes on it already. But we won’t stop there.
Projects that rug or turn out to be a scam, well, their KYC details immediately go to the authorities and our WhackaCriminal team for follow-up. The project will receive a bold “WHACKED” safety rating for the whole world to see.
Transparently but behind the scenes, funds will be allocated to the WhackaCriminal team. WhackaCriminal is just a fun name we’ve applied to an existing team of specialized crypto-cybersecurity specialists and investigators. Our goal is to track down ruggers and scammers no matter which platform they launched on!
The ongoing flow of funding through WhackaDoodle.app will be used to help reduce the impact criminals are having on victims. We will also support law enforcement in the war on cybercrime. That’s what we do all day anyway, but now we will be able to do more and reach farther.
Time to spell out some rewards
If you’ve read this far, well done, you’re the type of person we want to work with!

The Crypto Bronto collection and WhackaDoodle.app platform will also include some incentives for creators, buyers, and sellers.

Creators who hold a Bronto and use the WhackaDoodle.app NFT marketplace will get a minimum 60% royalty advantage over creators who don’t hold one.

We have plans to incentivize participants to both buy and sell using the WhackaDoodle.app marketplace through a perpetual commission structure.

Bronto holders will also be rewarded with a percentage of the platform fees, forever!
Please remember, despite our best efforts to make Crypto bronto and the WhackaDoodle.app marketplace safe for participants, nothing can replace our individual responsibility to do our own research and own the decisions we make…but it will help!
Make smart choices and click safe everyone!